Ceremonial  Documents

There is an ancient  dictum that states that any prayer may be heard by the Higher Powers and a corresponding answer obtained only if it is uttered three times:

“Firstly – for the welfare or the peace of the souls of one's parents.

Secondly – for the welfare of one's neighbor.

And only thirdly – for oneself personally."      - G.I.Gurdjieff

The ceremonial documents that I have been honored to create for couples getting married attempt to integrate the community here on earth with the community in spirit. Unlike a government civil contract, contained within the intentions of a sacred contract is an appeal to the Creator for the union or event to be  blessed and  sanctified.  The content of this document varies according to different belief systems, however, most  respect the existence of a higher power and the dependence on a circle of friends and family.

Despite what one may feel or not feel for their parents, it can not be denied that without them this precious opportunity to incarnate here on Earth  is unlikely. Therefore honoring this fact validates the forces of life which labored to bring us to bear. This honoring is extended to the broader community (the neighbors) who help create the supporting environment in which ones life and work can thrive. Often an area on the document allows for signatures for those witnessing this event. Lastly the text or symbolic imagery that relates to the prime reason for this document’s creation is carefully chosen. Empowering, positive images and harmonious colors are chosen which will help affirm the owners vows every time the document is viewed.

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