Other People’s Houses

Listed below is a list of people I have worked with over the years. It is a combination of all sorts of woodwork, construction and miscellaneous trade work, some through contractors, my own workshops, or on site. In some cases living on the job site, (it payed the rent).

I considered it a trusted privilege to enter these households., so instructive to witness others’ family and business dynamics intimately.

“The Cobbler’s Kids Have No Shoes” was a story I identified with while working on other peoples houses. This old tale tells the story of a busy cobbler so busy making shoes for his customers that he had no time to make some for his own children.

Every day on the job site I remembered my ironic circumstance and dreamed for that day of crossing over my own threshold. I had a journal going at the time that obsessively contained anything house  I called  it  “The Home Book”. It contained inspirational and encouraging thoughts and pictures to prop up and assist that desire. 

However, it wasn’t until completing my 100th  project that something changed coinciding with the birth of my first son. My recurring American Dream  was no longer a psychotic episode.

The moment is still clear in my mind. There angelically rested my son in his basinet, it was his first day home from the hospital. He was beside the window. It was a hot  and humid day in July. The impressions of the city were slamming in from all sides -cars speeding by the front porch, the crazy dog lady pleading for her animal to obey, the smell of exhaust fumes, and families screaming at each other in the next apartment seemingly inches away.

And there he was so innocent.

I remember the vow that was formed in my core.   

“I want him to have his own yard.” Amazing still how much gets done for other people.

Woodwork  History

Joanne Scott, Rockport, residence, renovation, cabinetry

Dawn and John Harlor, Rockport, residence, renovation

Windsor Chairmakers, Lincolnville Beach, business, renovation, finishing

The Left Bank Cafe, business/residence, renovation, finishing, cabinetry

Pie In the Sky Restaurant, business, renovation, cabinetry

Tourmaline Health Center, Belfast, business, renovation, finishing

Sam Emerson, Cape Rosier, residence, foundation to finish

Phil Norris and Debra Whig, East Blue Hill, residence, foundation to finish

David Walker, Blue Hill, residence, framing, staircase

Senator Mathias, Isle au Haut, residence, renovation

Snow Cove House, Brooksville, residence, finishing

Liros Gallery, Blue Hill, business, cabinetry

Fire Pond Restaurant, Blue Hill, business, finishing

Peddler's Wagon Greenhouses, Blue Hill, business, cabinetry

Pam Rackliff, Blue Hill, residence, finishing

Scarlett Kinney Gallery, Blue Hill, business, custom carpentry

Richard Merrill, North Brooksville, residence, framing, finishing, furnishings

Tony Amon, Brooklin, residence, roofing

Regina Grabrovac, Surry, residence, flooring, finishing

Hulls Cove Tool Barn, Hulls Cove, business, custom carpentry

John Archer, South Gouldsboro, renovation

Burly family, Sedgwick, residence, custom carpentry

Paula Carter, Belfast, residence, renovation, painting

Ethel Ramee, Blue Hill, residence, framing, exterior finishing  

Newbury Neck, Forbes designed house, Surry, residence, foundation to finish

Silvan family, South Brooksville, residence, foundation to finish  

Siri Beckman, Stonington, residence, finishing, painting

Margi Pomeroy, Isle aµ Haut, residence, finishing, flooring  

Rob & Doris Groves, North Brooksville, residence, renovation  

Ruth Rothrock, Appleton, residence, renovation, interior finishing  

Strong's Storage, Ellsworth, business, renovation  

Joe Greenburg, Penobscot, residence, foundation to finish

Artfellows Co-Op Gallery, Belfast, business, custom carpentry

Sharon Larkin, Belfast, residence, renovation  

Lorain Slaymaker, Hope, residence, renovation  

Jill Bixby, Belfast, residence, renovation  

Joel Greenberg, Vinalhaven, residence, framing to finishing, cabinetry

Michelle Amoroso, Yarmouth, residence, furnishings

Aaron Rosenbloom, Philadelphia, PA, addition, cabinetry, roofing  

Chris & Gina Vickers, Cumberland, residence, exterior finishing, renovation

Janine Lambert, Falmouth, residence, basement renovation finish trim, doors, built-ins 

Amanda Pike, Yarmouth, residence, replace all interior trim, create storage, kitchen cabs

Captain Jon Finger, J & E Riggin schooner, "Duffy Dodge" skylight  & captain’s quarters

Meg Ryan, Cambridge, Mass., cabinetry, bath renovation  

Svetlana Tailoring & Design, Bell Residence, Falmouth, renovate showroom, windows

Mitchell Rasor & Family, Falmouth, sill work and interior finish  

American Pie (formerly Raouls) Portland, all tables, bars, booths and serving counters

Anne Coleman & Trisia Friant, Yarmouth, Cabinetry, office furnishings


Rob Rowse & Colette Twigg, Standish, Kitchen, Renovations, Cabinetry, exterior  

Casa Bella, Portland, Antique Renovation  

Martha Slocum, South Portland, Renovation, Art Gallery & School display areas

St. Lawrence Arts & Community Center, Portland, Display Cabinets

Richard Weinberg. Cousins Island, ME. 207-846-5574

Bill Marong, Camden, residence, deck  

Beth & Steve Park, Portland, residence, cabinetry

Karen Frangoulis, Blue Hill, residence, kitchen cabinetry  

Sea Dog Brewery, Bangor, business, flooring  

Jodoin Real Estate, Manchester, NH, business, renovation

Bunzy & Irving Sherman, Little Deer Isle, residence, finishing, garden structures

Phil Urban, Sedgwick, residence & business, renovation  

Broome family, Plymouth Meeting, PA, residence, custom cabinetry, (my folks)

Camp Family, Monroe, residence, framing

Kitty Whited, Troy, residence, renovation

Corea Residence, closed in deck and interior work

Jane Smiley, East Blue Hill, residence, finishing

Manset home, Cape Code, residence, renovation

Northeon Forest. Preserve, Raubsville, PA, residence, custom carpentry

Pastor McCarthy, Brooksville, residence, decking  

Richard Weinberg, Cousins Island, residence, renovation  

Rockport Post & Beam Homes, Rockport, residences, finishing

Oppenheim family, Falmouth, residence, finishing  

Gregory family, Cousins Island, residence, cabinetry, finishing

Jane Glass, Cape Elizabeth, residence, finishing

Diane & Ted Kirshner, Portland, residence, cabinetry, furnishings

Amy & Scott Sutherland, Portland, residence, cabinetry, finishing

Peter & Kathleen Youngren, Cumberland Foreside, residence, deck, finishing

Putnam & Michaels, South Freeport, residence, decking, exterior finishing

Daniel & Janet Pierce, Portland, residence, exterior finishing

Motifs, Portland, business, custom carpentry

Erma Koch, Portland, residence, renovation

Sean McKinnon, Sabbathday Lake, residence, finishing

Carol Schiffman, Falmouth, residence, cabinetry, renovation

Roberta Zuckerman, Portland, residence, cabinetry

Joel Rosenbloom, Ardmore, PA, residence, cabinetry

Caroline Bloy, Topsham, residence, cabinetry

Clark Family, Freeport, residence, finishing

Michelle Robataille, Yarmouth, residence, cabinetry

Carolyn Radding, Portland, residence, doll collection cabinet display case

Evans family, Yarmouth, residence, cabinetry

Sarah Bloy, Brunswick, residence, cabinetry

Aurora Provisions; Portland, business,

Mother Oven Bakery, Dean Zoulamis, Bowdoinham, adobe oven

Steven & Joanne Walker, Bowdoinham, deck, interior and exterior renovation

Cheri Walker, Bowdoinham, cottage bathroom and interior renovation

Gary Gurney, Litchfield, windows, interior renovation

Highlands of Topsham, Topsham, private residence gas fireplace installations & mantels

Longfellow’s School. Brunswick, artwork showcase

Bowdoinham Community School, Bowdoinham, storage can renovation

Michael Wilbur, North Yarmouth, residence, interior finish and furniture

Morse High School, Bath, projector  cabinetry, art materials containers

  Woodwork  History

The Props Assist

the House

The props assist the house

Until the house is built,

And then the props withdraw -

And adequate, erect,  

The house supports itself;

Ceasing to recollect  

The auger and the carpenter.  

Just such a retrospect

Hath the perfected life,

A past of plank and nail,  

And slowness, - then the scaffolds drop -  

Affirming it a soul. 

- Emily Dickinson 

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