Assemblage Samples

Things we save are endowed with attachments, invisible threads  from the object to places in our self where their “meaning” is valued. Out of all the possible things we are attracted to, or serendipitously pick up, or are given, we stay closer to some of them, (this processes is analogous to social connections as well). Why this thing and not that one? Pondering these questions and the objects brings me closer to understanding my self, my insecurities, securities, desires and needs,  This process gives me a physical representational way to take my inner inventory. Making assemblages of these charged objects is a tangible way of externalizing a sometimes elusive thought processes. It enables an opportunity for me to find my chief feature.

Deer Man

Materials: Plaster death mask (see note), asymmetrical deer antlers, deer moss, small- mammal hip bones supporting a sand dollar fossil from the California coast, spruce 2x4 cross sections with concentric growth rings, sandalwood mala prayer beads,


Note: This plaster cast of Quaker man  was given to me by my father who made it while attending art school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the 1950’s. Anatomy classes would sometime go to the morgue to study.

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