Referenced  above is the music sample  “Holy-Affirming, Holy-Denying, Holy-Reconciling”

performed by Keith Jarrett.  from the album, “Gurdjieff: Sacred Hymns”.

When thinking of triads  I attribute three fundamental forces,  Force-plus, Force-minus and Force-neutral.  There is a harmony to this construct which is all inclusive much like the harmony inherent in  a circle. The constant flow of these three forces, one force to the other, is useful to observe when ever possible. It is present through out the entire process of creating a painting. As an example, in a simplistic sense, for me there is always an abundance of energy and attention starting out. I am  filled with positive emotion and thinking. Eventually a challenge or so comes up which changes my thoughts and feelings toward the force-minus side of the triangle. It feels more like work. If persistent and alert, these thoughts and feelings will again  change to a more neutral state somewhat passive and primed to revolve again through the triad. This is generally how it’s perceived.

Above: “Laws of Attraction IV” , gouache, oil pastelt, watercolor by W.Zell

Above: Tulip Sermon III”   Detail: gouache, oil pastelt, watercolor by W.Zell

Music: Bob Marley, “One Love”


There is ONE LOVE in all three Persons;

One lover all the Three provides;

And the beloved is the lover

Which in each of them resides.

The Being which all three possess

Each of them does possess alone;

And each of them loves what that Being

Itself possesses of its own.

This very Being is Each One,

And it alone, in its own way,

Has bound them in that wondrous knot

Whose mystery no man can say.3

-St. John rf the Cross

William Blake 1757-1827, Newton, print finished in ink and watercolour on paper


“The Triad, the first odd number, is called perfect by some, because it is the first number to signify the totality- beginning, middle and end.

When people exalt extraordinary events, they derive words from the triad and talk of "thrice blessed," "thrice fortunate." Prayers and libations are performed three times. Triangles both reflect and are the first substantiation of being plane; and there are three kinds of triangle-equilateral, isosceles and scalene. Moreover,. there are three rectilinear angles - acute, obtuse and right. And there are three parts of time. Among the virtues, they likened it to moderation: for it is commensurability between excess and deficiency.”


from: The Theology of Arithmetic


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The Tao Begot One

One begot two.

Two begot three.

And three begot the ten thousand things.

The ten thousand things carry yin and embrace yang.

They achieve harmony by combining those forces.


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